We are an aggressive, dedicated financial services company providing leasing and financing for equipment acquisitions. In addition to comprehensive financing solutions, we have structured a complete employer benefits package offered through our Affiliate Rewards Program.

Seeing a distinct need in the marketplace, Cornerstone has broadened its expertise by offering this package which includes Full HR Support, 1st Class Quality Healthcare with the Power of Individual and Group plan choices plus a Workforce Enhancement Discount & Perk package.

6 Questions Every Small-Medium Business should ask:

1) Does the ever-changing and overwhelming costs challenge your company’s ability to provide affordable HealthCare Benefits to its workforce? Or worse, prevent the offering of HealthCare benefits altogether?

2) Staying informed and up to date with both State and Federal regulations is an ongoing challenge! Can your business benefit from our HR Support solutions in all areas of employee compliance?

3) Does your business purchase or sell equipment and need additional funding sources to provide 1st class attention and service to its customers PLUS receive financing rebates for every completed transaction?

4) Could your business benefit by providing its Workforce a package of over $4500/year in daily Discounts & Perks used with their families for shopping at local retailers, restaurants, entertainment and travel?

5) By providing quality Workforce benefits such as Affordable HealthCare and Family Discounts & Perks package, could your business retain its people and enhance the company relationships for an annual fee of $125?

6) By receiving an additional revenue stream on financed transactions for equipment you sell daily or savings on your business loans PLUS have a fully functional human resource department 5 days a week, could your business develop such opportunities for a annual cost of just $125.00?

Our Affiliate Rewards Program can benefit your Business!


Enrolling in our Affiliate Rewards Program provides a flat percentage on all of Cornerstones’ financing products in the form of a “Cash Voucher”.  The Voucher is earned when an Affiliate uses a CFS financial product for their business needs or refers a business which completes a transaction using one of our financial products. Affiliate members can use their equipment sales to earn additional revenue or use them to reduce their customer’s interest rates hence increasing sales.

$       5,000 – $      50,000 = 1.00%
$     50,001 – $    100,000 =   .50%
$   100,001 – $ 1,000,000 =   .25%
$ 1,000,001 + =   .20%



When a business has tough HR questions, where do you go? Your Lawyer? Consultants? The Web? These options cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. With complex questions, there is no substitute for talking to a HR Expert. We give you that and more, with a comprehensive solution including everything needed to establish and maintain full HR Compliance within your business.

Our Team of HR professionals provide the Affiliate a complete platform of “Best Practice” techniques in areas such as Taxes, Insurance, Workers’ Compensation to keep them constantly informed and fully compliant in both Federal and State regulations.


Affiliates enjoy a Cornerstone provided gateway to obtain affordable, quality health care for their entire workforce (P/T, F/T, W2 or 1099 contract workers) and their families.Health care polices underwritten and provided by many of the Nation’s Top Insurance Carriers.Polices are written individually and are “buffet style” enabling the Affiliates own personal needs to dictate their desired coverage/deductibles and capabilities.

Dental, Vision, Critical Care, Major Medical, Limited Care Riders are available and EACH Affiliate and their participating workforce has the confidence and comfort of personal consultations with our Benefits Staff. Personalized individual consultations with our licensed experienced team ensure Affiliates get exactly what their respective needs are; NOT forced to take coverage they do not need or cannot afford!


This program enables the Affiliate to offer to their participating employees an elite collection of Perks & Discounts for immediate savings. With access to thousands of our local and national discount offers, cash back comparison shopping, and exclusive Affiliate-only perks and personal concierge services this is a stand-alone tremendous value. It adds value to the Employer relationship and further improves loyalty with all participating staff.

Discount offers at over 100,000 local and national vendors based on your current location. When traveling take advantage of offers across 2,300 other U.S. cities.
Enjoy Instant access to over $4,500 in household and home-living savings with discounts redeemable at retailers you visit daily Local discounts are redeemable with printable certificates or mobile coupons viewable on HTML enabled phones or smart-phones like the iPhone or Android